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Maureen Hayes – Owner and Land Surveyor.
B.S. Land Surveying, Michigan Technological University.
B.S. Cartography, University of Idaho.
Postbaccaulaureate Certificate in GIS, Pennsylvania State University
Maureen is active in the Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors, and in the Arrowhead Chapter of MSPS, currently serving as the chapter Secretary/Treasurer. High school students in Grand Marais meet her during their trigonometry class, when she brings the surveying equipment in so they can get first hand experience with the Laws of Sines and Cosines. Canoeing in the Boundary Waters and cross country skiing on the great trails in Cook County take up any spare time.
Minnesota Land Surveyor #43805
Wisconsin Land Surveyor #2691

Tim Lederle – Survey Crew Chief and Wetland Delineator. 
B.S. Geography, University of Idaho. 
Since becoming certified as a wetland delineator Tim has continued to attend workshops and seminars of the Wetland Delineators Association, developing a hands on familiarity with Cook County’s hydric soils and plants. Tim does everything from solo GPS surveying to leading the crew when we need to cut and mark property lines. He keeps the chainsaws sharp and ready for action. Bicycling around Grand Marais and cross country ski racing anywhere keep him in good shape for surveying!
Certified Wetland Delineator #1128

Catherine "Kate" Walters – CPA/ Chief Financial Officer.
B.S. Professional Accounting, American University
Kate is an Audit Manager and travels to Grand Marais regularly, keeping the H S & M books in order and providing financial oversight on the big decisions. Sailing with her family and training to run a marathon are her current favorite leisure activities.

Professional Associations

Minnesota Society of Professional Surveryors Minnesota Society of ProfessionalSurveyors
Arrowhead Chapter
National Society of Professional Surveyors National Society of Professional & Surveyors
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Minnesota WetlandProfessionalsAssociation
formerly the Wetlands Delineator Association