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Can you use GPS on my survey?

We will if we can! Our goal is to do the job right in the quickest way, and using GPS equipment saves us time, which saves you money.

Survey grade GPS allows very precise measurements -- precise enough to use in determining your boundary. We use both “static” and “real-time” or “RTK” survey grade GPS equipment (which is typically faster.) Survey grade GPS does not work under trees, but we can often save time with it when measuring around the perimeter. It’s particularly useful when section lines fall in a road (in other words, out from under the tree canopy,) which is not uncommon in Cook County.

To map shorelines, wetlands etc. we use a “resource-grade” GPS unit which is accurate to plus or minus 3 feet.

Incidentally, our conventional survey equipment is a Leica™ total station with electronic distance measurement. We are accustomed to working in Minnesota's northwoods, and can be very efficient with this mix of equipment. 

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